If you are an international student enrolling at any of the American Flyers locations these instructions will assist you through the enrollment, visa and FTSP processes. If you have any questions please check the school director, national support team member, or send an email to:

You may print this page and use it as your checklist.


_____ 1)

Select the international enrollment form for your school of choice:

Pompano Beach, FL * Addison N * Addison S * Morristown, NJ * Houston, TX * Scottsdale, AZ

_____ 2)

Complete, print, and sign your international enrollment form

_____ 3)

Send a copy of your international enrollment form, full passport photo page to and directly to your school at one of the following addresses:

Pompano Beach, FL - Addison, TX - North -
Addison, TX - South - Morristown, NJ -
Houston, TX - Scottsdale, AZ -


_____ 4)

Once your paperwork has been received, we will conduct a telephone or video English Assessment.

_____ 5)

Once accepted you will receive a formal acceptance email.

_____ 6)

A tuition deposit must be submitted to American Flyers corresponding to the course.

_____ 7)

Upon receipt of your tuition deposit an I-20 will be sent to you along with supporting documentation.

_____ 8)


Please review the appliation guide on the FTSP website. Remember, if you have any questions or need assistance please don't hesitate to contact your school director or email

_____ 9)

Once you have made your FTSP request, American Flyers will review and acknowledge your request. Once this is done you will need to log back into your account and pay the FTSP fee of $130.00.


We will assist you with collecting your fingerprints when you arrive at the school. This will be coordinated by your school director or national support team member.



You will receive, as will your school, a series of status emails from the FTSP. If you receive an email that indicates "Change Required" please make sure that you correct the information on the training request as soon as possible. Any delay in correcting could have issues with your training request.


____ 11)

You will need to contact the nearest U.S. Embassy in your home country and schedule an appointment for a Non-Immigrant M-1 Visa. For a listing of U.S. Embassies around the world CLICK HERE.

____ 12)

As soon as you have your interview date please let your school director know the location, date and time. Please be prepared with documents as during the initial phone discussion, but please contact us with any questions.


Click here to see what to bring with you for your visa interview at the Embassy. Click here to see what the Consuls office is looking for during your interview. Click here to see what type of Financial Information you need to bring with you to your interview.


Rev. 08/30/2022